Morrisson is a British rapper & songwriter from East London. Born in Newham, he is one of four
brothers raised on the William Morley estate, hailing from a traditional family brought up in a true multi
cultural hub. Due to his environment, Morrisson experienced a few brushes with the law in his early
years. Morrisson began his road to music in 2008 with a tape called “Currently Getting Currency” -this
was cut short due to his incarceration. Reappearing in 2011 with select freestyles on SBTV, Link Up TV
and GRM Daily that generated millions of views, he again disappeared from the scene. Despite his
absence his name continued to always carry weight in the UK. Cut to January 2017 – banger “Crowbar
In My Bag” drops before he again withdraws from the public eye again for a year. In Jan 2018
Morrisson dropped lyrically potent “Enemies” explaining the hiatus. Later in 2018 “Buckingham Palace”
came to the surprise & joy of fans. “Look who just walked in….Morrisson” – a track that shows the
bigger visual plan of Morrisson being a voice of the people & his prophetic qualities. His latest release
“Shots” in 2019 marks Morrisson taking his music career seriously after years of being an underground
hero . A poet of his generation he is here to deliver hardhitting and impactful messages in society. Big
things are on the way from Morrisson as he stands tall, resurrected and ready for these new
challenges… As he says himself “Life is an ugly game but it’s beautiful”