Born and raised in London, TSB was surrounded by a lot of musical influences growing up. TSB’s mum played the violin and was the choir leader at church, his dad was a big lover of jazz.

During his early teen years TSB spent countless hours watching his brother make beats and slowly started to pick up the basics. With a deep desire to improve his craft, TSB watched endless YouTube videos and taught himself how to play keys.

“Music felt contagious, When I started I couldn’t stop I just wanted to improve and get better”

TSB had an early appreciation for the musical element of structuring a beat. Today, this plays a key part in his musical process “The genre of music is determined by the drum pattern so as long as I can make the music behind it I’m happy – it’s got to sound musical!”

Growing up TSB’s favourite rapper was 50 cent, favourite MC was Kano and the song he had on repeat was Alicia Keys – Diary.