Black Pound Day

Black Pound Day started due to the fact over the last few months we’ve seen the world change significantly, from a global pandemic, to the largest civil rights movement in history. We’ve seen some of the worst and some of the best in humanity, one thing has become clear, change has to happen and finally people are open to a conversation.


In the midst of the global protests, @Swissworld_ created a movement that inspired us and we felt compelled to support the movement. Saturday 27th June we welcomed the UK’s first Black Pound Day. It’s a day to celebrate and support black business.

This video is the first in a short series we have produced to highlight the success of black people outside of entertainment and sports. It’s important to know we are more than what the media portray of us.

Since ’93 are proud to stand with Swiss and black business @bpdofficial #BlackPoundDay Campaign created by @tfredit , film commission @reisshall


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